What is The Bookie Box

The Bookie Box is a Book Subscription Box that includes a newly released YA book, and 4-5 bookish goodies including an exclusive candle and bookmark from That bookie bookmarks every month. 

How do subscriptions work?

We have 3 different subscriptions to choose from, a month to month subscription that cost $33.99, and a 3 month prepaid subscription that cost $100


When do the boxes ship out?

Boxes start shipping the 22nd of each month and go out in batches until the 25th of the month. everyone should receive a tracking number by the 25th! Boxes may go out later if any issues arise with vendors which is always possible due to the fact that we relay on other people getting their products to us on time and sometimes that just doesn't happen. If this is to happen we will always keep you updated on the status of the box on our instagram page @thebookiebox

Can I skip a month

No. Our subscription plans do not allow you to skip a month. But you can cancel your plan anytime and whenever our store is open for new subscriptions, you can re-subscribe. You can do this under through your account page.

If you only want to purchase boxes based on the theme, we suggest you order "single purchases" instead of a subscription plan - that way you can pick and choose.


I ordered my first box then decided i did not want to order a box can i cancel my order and get a refund?

You can cancel your order and that will cancel your subscription for future orders BUT we will not issue refunds for people who change their minds. Unless there is an issue with your box we will not issue refunds. Make sure you know what you are ordering and are sure you want to order before you finalize your purchase!


When will I be charged?

Everyone is charged on the first of the month. If your are a new subscriber you will not be charged until the first of the month and if your subscription is renewing you will also be charged on the first.

How do I cancel my subscription

to cancel your subscription please sign into your account under the subscribe now tab. click on the menu with the three lines once you are signed in. then go to subscriptions. by your current subscription you will see a plus sign click on it and then hit the cancel button.

Can i cancel a single purchase box and get a refund?

Once you have purchased a single purchase box we will not provide a refund

all single purchases are FINAL. 

I got charged twice before i received my first box.

depending on when you order you might be charge for your next box before

you get your first box due to when we ship our boxes and how

cratejoy is set up. If you would like to push your renewal date to the first of

the next month before you are charge you can do that

and still receive your next box.

I cant log into my account

We recently changed subscription plateforms so if you subscribed before October 15th you probably ordered through out old plateform here is the link where you can log in.... https://bookiebox1.cratejoy.com/customer/login?preview=1&hide_banner=true&preview_theme_listing_id=1020360723